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Welcome to Meridian Tile! FREE Shipping on orders over 99$
Welcome to Meridian Tile! FREE Shipping on orders over 99$
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Found some mosaics on Amazon and researched the company and found out they were located in Phoenix. Since our step trim was on back order with our pool company we decided to get the step trim from meridian and we’re so happy we did. We purchased all the step trim tile and turtle mosaic’s. They didn’t have them ready so they cut them on the spot and we only waited about 15 min! Customer service was GREAT!

- Joshus Boey -

Great tile selection and great service. Mark was very helpful! Highly recommend.

-Colleen Roche-

After attempting to work with a couple other pool tile companies in town, my wife found Meridian Pool Tile. The service we received from Mark and the crew was second to none. Their pricing was best we found. Mark was quick to respond to any questions we had. They offer custom mosaics at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Meridian Pool Tile.

-Dave Terrell-

"Great store. Mark was a huge


After going through a very frustrating build with our pool company, Mark S and Meridian Tile were a breath of fresh air in our entire pool building experience! Our pool builders tile Options were ugly and uglier. After asking for different options- they sent me to another store. Options…. Still ugly. I asked for another store. Found kind of what I was looking
For, but wasn’t totally in love with it. Then when the price came back from our pool builder at $25/PER TILE which was more than the retail price the store was selling them for. Our pool builder FINALLY gave me Meridian tiles contact info. I drove over there the same day and Mark was just such a bright light! He turned our entire pool building experience around. We could completely customize and design the exact tile I had been envisioning for A FRACTION of what our
Pool builder quoted us. Oh and when our pool builder messed up AGAIN and didn’t tell us to order enough tile (yes we ordered 10% more than they said and they still didn’t calculate right and we ran out of tile) Mark was able to assist me the second I called and was able to get me the extra tiles I needed right away! We could not be happier with our experience with meridian tile and Mark! We will be telling everyone we know building a pool about Meridian! Thank you so much Mark!!! (The yard isn’t finished yet, but the pool looks awesome!!!)

-Jenna Walsh-

Stopped in the find mosaics for our pool getting re-done and these gentlemen went above and beyond to help us find what we wanted and the price was unbeatable!!!! They even made more of what we wanted there on site!! AMAZING!!! Will recommend 100% to anyone building or remodeling a pool!

-Stacey Jones-

Wonderful tile selection and even better service. We went there to pick out some decorative mosaics for our pool that is currently getting redone. They were able to make the turtles we wanted in 15 minutes and even helped us out with other things beyond mosaics. The prices also beat any other pool tile place in the phoenix area as well. This place is unique as they make everything in house and they can even do custom pieces.

-Lauren F.-